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Checkout and delivery


If it’s your first time on our website, you can complete the


procedure yourself and get access to all the features of OTON.Market user account: you don’t need to fill in your data every time you place a new order – just do it once and save.

In the user account on the marketplace website, you can track your order status, see tracking numbers and the balance of your Bonus account. Registered and authorized users can use Bonuses to pay for the orders during checkout.


Choose the product you like and add it to the


You can continue shopping or proceed to checkout immediately.

Authorization for new users

If you haven’t yet made an order on our website, you can register and log into your account.

You can also youse an auto-registration feature when placing your first order. After you place an order with this feature, a new account will be created for the specified email.

You will receive a confirmational letter and be able to create a password for your account. To set a password, follow the



“Restore access”,

enter the email address you used during the checkout. You will receive a letter with a link to reset a password to your OTON.Market user account.

Authorization for users of OTON Ecosystem

Users of the OTON Ecosystem that have an account at the oton.org website can use their OTON Ecosystem account to log into OTON.Market.

Go to the

Login form

on OTON.Market, click “Login via Oton Office”. A window will open where you will need to enter your credentials from the OTON Ecosystem account (oton.org) and click “Sign In”.

Authorization for users of OTON.Market

Users of the Marketplace that have already registered or placed orders at OTON.Market previously, need to sign in to their account to place an order. Go to the

Login form

on OTON.Market and enter your email and password. If you forgot your password, you can restore it by clicking

“Restore access”

and following instructions.

Filling out your data on the cart page

To place an order you need to enter your data in the


fill in all the required fields (marked by asterisk). Make sure you’ve correctly entered the shipping address – your order will be sent to it after successful placement and payment for the order.

If you don’t want to fill in your data every time you place an order, you can

log in

to your marketplace account, open


fill in your personal data and delivery address, then click ‘Save”. If you save the data, from now on it will be automatically filled when you place an order.

You can change your personal data anytime in account


or the shopping cart during the checkout.

Choosing the delivery method

Please note that sellers are responsible for the product delivery (for example: suppliers, manufacturers). If your order contains products from different sellers, you may have to pay for several deliveries. For each delivery choose one of the available shipping methods.

Delivery times and costs vary depending on the seller, product, and the shipping method you choose.


Some sellers send products only to selected countries. You can see the list of available delivery destinations on the product page.

Payment for the order

At this time OTON.Market marketplace accepts the following payment methods:

  • VISA and Mastercard bank cards
  • Bitcoin

You can also pay for the order with your personal balance at OTON.Ecosystem or your Bonus account at OTON.Market.

For full or partial payment via Bonus account please specify how many bonuses you’d like to use.

After the payment you will receive a letter with order confirmation, the seller will prepare your order and hand out the to delivery service.

Order tracking

The sellers and OTON.Marked are mutually interested in delivering the order to you as fast as possible, that is why, as a rule, the sellers ship out the orders in the shortest possible time.

After the order is shipped, the delivery company is now responsible for the term of delivery. Terms and possible changes, as well as force majeure conditions, are specified in the delivery terms of the company a seller uses.

To see your orders,

log in

to your account at OTON.Market and open the

“My orders”


You can track the statuses of all your orders. For orders that have already been handed to the delivery service, you will see a tracking number and the delivery service name. Use the tracking number to track the movement of your order.

Customs and taxes

Please note that additional local taxes and customs duties may apply when receiving a delivery from abroad. Such taxes and duties are collected by local customs and tax offices and must be paid by you separately as they are not included in the product cost on our website.

To avoid any misunderstanding we highly recommend you to read and understand current customs and tax requirements regarding the receiving of foreign parcels in your country. More information about customs duties and taxes in some countries can be found



Other questions

If you have any questions, please contact


Also, in case you have any questions regarding products and orders, contact the seller directly. Each seller has contacts displayed on their marketplace page.