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Returns and warranty

We hope that shopping at the OTON.market brings you only the most enjoyable experience. However, there may be times when you want to return a purchased item. You have the legal right to return most items within 14 days of receipt. You also have the right to return defective goods or non-conforming goods. In this section of our website, you can learn about the process and conditions for the return, as well as the terms of the warranty for the goods.

Please note that the return of the goods purchased on OTON.Market is carried out directly to the seller of the goods.

Return conditions for non-conforming goods

To register the return of goods of the proper quality that did not suit you, the following conditions must be met:

  • less than 14 days have passed since receipt;
  • the original packaging has been preserved;
  • the product is in sellable condition, there are no traces of use;
  • the product belongs to the category of returnable goods;
  • the complete set of the product has been preserved, all the components and parts are present;
  • the consumer properties of the goods are preserved (including the expiration date).

How to issue a return

To initiate a return procedure, go to the Support section, contact the support team and tell us you want a return.

Specify in the request:

  • order number;
  • reason for return
  • the names of the goods you want to return.

Attach photos or videos to your request, which clearly show the condition of the product you want to return.

The support team will accept your request, clarify all the necessary details and contact the seller of the goods to process the return.

After checking the compliance with the return conditions and receiving confirmation from the seller about the start of the return procedure, the support team will inform you of the address of the seller to which the goods must be sent.

Return of goods and verification of goods by the seller

To process the return of goods, you need to send them to the seller's address, which will be sent to you by the support team. It is necessary to send the goods within 7 days after confirming the return and receiving the address from the support team.

When returning goods of proper quality, the customer defrays the cost of shipping the goods to the seller, and also ensures that the goods are properly packed for safe transportation.

To return a faulty or defective item, the seller will have to inspect the item upon receipt.

If the seller does not confirm the presence of faulty and defects, or confirms that the goods have been damaged as a result of misuse or negligence, it will be impossible to return the goods. In this case, the item will be sent back to the buyer without any refund.

When returning goods with confirmed faulty or defects, the seller compensates the costs of sending the goods to the buyer. To reimburse the funds, you will need to send a copy or photo of the receipt to the support team, which indicates the cost of shipping the goods to the seller.

If the seller does not reveal the presence of a faulty, defect and / or damage to the goods, the buyer pays for the return shipment of the goods.


After receiving and verification of the product/s by the seller, as well as confirmation from the seller about the return, the refund will be made:

  • For goods of proper quality - only for goods, excluding delivery.
  • For goods with confirmed faulty or defects - for the goods and for delivery, the costs of shipping the returned goods back to the seller will also be compensated. In some situations, the seller may replace the returned product with the same of proper quality product and send it to you. In this case, you will only be reimbursed for the money for the delivery of the goods to the seller, the money for the goods and the original delivery will not be refunded.

Funds are returned by default by the same method that was used to make the payment, or by another method agreed with the buyer. Please note that it may take some time for the refund to be credited.

Non-refundable items

Unfortunately, some types of goods belong to non-returnable categories, below is a detailed list of them:

  • Products that cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons, if they were unsealed by you after delivery (for example, dietary supplements, underwear, perfumes and cosmetics, etc.).
  • Sealed audio or video recordings or sealed software on tangible media (such as a CD or DVD), if you have unsealed them.
  • Products made according to your wishes (special order) or personalized products.
  • Food and any goods that could go bad or that are rapidly expiring.
  • Goods that, after their delivery, due to their characteristics, are inseparably mixed with other goods;
  • Services, if the seller has fully completed them or has already begun to perform them.
  • Digital goods (including applications, digital software, e-books, MP3s, etc.) that are not supplied on tangible media (such as CD or DVD).
  • Periodicals such as magazines or newspapers.
  • Items whose actual value is subject to market fluctuations (such as rare collectible items) that the seller has no control over.

Registration of the return of goods from the non-returnable categories indicated above is possible only in case of detection of faulty, defects or damages that are subject to the seller of the goods.

International Returns Policy

Please note that non-EU sellers may have their own rules and policies for returning items, and some countries may have a different list of non-return items. You can read the specific seller's return policy by contacting our support team.

Warranty for goods

Certain categories of goods may be warranted by the seller or manufacturer. You can learn more about the warranty conditions applicable to a specific product by contacting our support team. The proof of the guarantee is the invoice you received after purchase, please keep this document for the duration of the guarantee.